Interview with Liz Carlson

Interview: keyword transcript

Main themes covered: War, jobs, daughter.

00.00-01.10 War. Rationing. Black Market.
01.10-02.06 Grandfather. Railway job.
02.06-02.35 Anderson shelters. Blitz
02.40-04.13 Her mother during the war. Washing and soap. Brother. Mangle.
04.13-04.50 Anderson shelter. Sirens. Bombing.
04.50-06.39 Childhood. School bombed. New school.
06.39-07.35 O-levels. Scripture. Leaving school and grammar school
07.35-11.28 Jobs. Laundry. Selling Pepsi. Teaching.
11.28-12.14 Marriage.
12.14-12.28 Daughter. Maria.
12.28-12.59 Moving to Bradford.
12.59-14.30 Her flat. Job in Bradford. Daughter staying with her mother in Sheffield.
14.30-15.54 Moving back to Sheffield. £300 deposit from her grandmother.
16.00-17.30 Psychic.
17.35-19.08 Her daughter: nursery, school, University. Grandchildren.
19.08-20.15 Motorbike for her job. Car.
20.25-21.00 V-E Day. End of the Second World War. Hitler.
21.00-23.38 Home life: radio, ice cream, shops, smoking

Interviewer: Eloise Heatley