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The 2017-18 Interviews

The History Society’s Oral History Project Team 2017-18

The 2016-17 Interviews

Interview with Philip Hunt   

The History Society’s Oral History Project Team 2016-17

Welcome to the University of Sheffield History Society’s Oral History Project

This project was set up on behalf of the University of Sheffield History Society by Ruby Muir, a third year history undergraduate. It was inspired by an interview done by her father which recorded her grandparents’ stories on their immigration to Britain from the West Indies. The project documented the everyday experiences of elderly residents in residential care homes in Sheffield.

The volunteers conducted two sessions with each participant, an informal meet and greet followed by a recorded interview. We wanted to let the residents lead the interviews, telling us their life stories based on what was important to them. These are real recorded conversations and sometimes do take unexpected turns! However, we have heard some amazing stories, met some fantastic characters and opened a window to the vibrant lives of Sheffield residents! We are very excited to share them with you now.

The project was supported by Sheffield Volunteering (part of Sheffield University Students’ Union) and the Witness project, and was hosted by two Sheffcare residential care homes. The interviews recorded are a valuable resource that can be used in oral history research for the university, as well as enjoyed by family and friends. All participants have consented to the disclosure of their stories and interviewees received oral history and safeguarding training.

The project has been a great success and was very much enjoyed by all. We are also proud to have been awarded the Originality Award 2016-2017 as part of the annual Sheffield Volunteering Awards.

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers, Emily Waterhouse (Sheffield Volunteering Coordinator), Kathryn Rawling (Sheffcare Volunteer Coordinator), the Sheffield Witness project, and the staff at the care homes we visited. It could not have happened without you all.

And finally, a huge thank you to all the inspiring residents who took time to tell us their stories.

We hope you enjoy them.