Full list of Witness Oral Histories

The following list is the full collection of Oral Histories collected by the Witness project, organised by year. Hovering on a link will provide a summary of the interview. Clicking on the link will direct you to the audio interview in full, as well as a full list of contents organised by time.


2016-17 Interviews (Jewish Sheffield)



2013 – 2014

Jenny Craggs interviewing Edwin Hodson

Jenny Craggs interviewing Mavis Thompson

Daniel Mortimore interviewing Jack & Freda Treherne

Daniel Mortimore interviewing Evelyn McQuater

Daniel Mortimore interviewing Freda & Jack Treherne

Daniel Mortimore interviewing Thomas Smailes

Kazia Polak interviewing Pauline Minns

Bethany Smith interviewing Margaret (Peggy) Lloyd-Bather

2012 – 2013

Richita Bhattacharyya interviewing B.E. Jackson

Rebecca Oldham interviewing Winston Hazel

Christopher Thompson and Ruby Baker interviewing Martine Standish

Emmeline Callaghan interviewing Auriel Majumdar Richita

Bhattacharyya interviewing Irene Violet Hennessy

Louise Shaw interviewing Bryan Cowell

Lydia Rollinson interviewing Muriel Elliott

Katherine Yates interviewing Vi Drabble

Katherine Yates interviewing John Rogerson

Richita Bhattacharyya interviewing Ken Anderson

Lydia Rollinson interviewing Dorothy Sirett

Hazel Hammond interviewing Brian & Dorothy Coates, Hilda Muntz, Betty Hargreaves and Marjorie Woodcock

Lewis Dagnall interviewing Simon Dagnall, Andrew Flude and Sally Flude

Christopher Thompson and Ruby Baker interviewing Roz Wollen

2011 – 2012

Anna Gavrielides interviewing Bill McDonnell

Charlotte Lavelle interviewing Ryszard Szumski

Ben Hayes interviewing Mandy Colton

Ellen Donnelly interviewing Larry Angel

Dan West interviewing Andy Selman

Jessica Hill interviewing Maureen Cartwright

Jessica Hill interviewing Karen Ritchie

Charlotte Lavelle interviewing Mark Rushton

Alexandra Lee interviewing Gerlandine O’Connor

David Holland interviewing Qurban Hussain

David Holland interviewing Ghulam Nabi

David Holland interviewing Sijad Hussain

Anna Gavrielides interviewing Neil Pepper

Dan West interviewing Peter Price

Dan West interviewing Joan Barton